Why Clients Hire Ascent

Clients take different paths on their way to becoming a client of Ascent Multifamily. Our clients typically fall into 4 categories:

  1. They’re hands-on owners. They want to fire the management company and basically take on the management themselves. They’re tired of the management firm not being as responsive as they should, or seeing more branding on the property for the management firm rather than their property.
  2. Their reporting is inaccurate. They can’t find people to get their balance sheets correct.
  3. We have a number of clients that are located in expensive employment centers like New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, or Los Angeles. Typically the cost for them to hire an accountant is 40-50% higher than in Las Vegas.
  4. Our typical client is a regional manager of a property management firm that wants to start his or her own firm. We give them the flexibility to start with a few properties; they don’t have to hire anyone for the back office. We give them a great benefit packet for their property staff as well.

Clients also get a number of benefits when they hire us:

  1. Timely reporting. We get reports out when they’re supposed to get out. There are no excuses like “Sally didn’t come in” or “Joe’s on vacation.”
  2. Accurate reporting. We give our clients accurate information. We fix the balance sheets-sometimes is may take us 30 or 60 days, but we get the balance sheets correct.
  3. Cost savings. Again, we can often save clients 30-50% on the cost of their accounting work. It costs much less to do the work in Las Vegas than in Santa Monica.
  4. Flexibility. Our service is 100% scalable. With Ascent involved, our clients are never overstaffed or understaffed. You don’t have to worry about firing someone when you sell a few properties.

So if you’re interested in exploring how outsourced accounting can benefit your multifamily operation, email or call us. And don’t be afraid to ask us the tough questions. Thank you.

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