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Growing Asset Management Firm

A growing Asset Management Company had 12 communities under management. The Company held mostly A to B+ class communities with healthy rental rates. The company had capital and plans for significant growth and needed a way to achieve that growth quickly.
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60-property Management Firm Doubles Profitability through Outsourcing

A property management firm responsible for 60 properties with more than 15,000 units for various owners. He felt he was bogged down by many processes and needed to be focusing on the growth of the firm more.
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Owner of Five Texas Communities Saves 55 percent on Management Costs

An owner of five multi-family communities in Texas totaling more than 1,500 units was working with two different management companies. These national management firms provided full management and financial reporting for each property.
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Case Study – Hands On Owner

Ascent shares their experience working with a hands-on owner who decided to take the management of his properties in-house.
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Case Study – Portfolio Manager Starts Own Firm

Ascent shares their experience working with a regional portfolio manager who decided to start his own property management firm.
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Multifamily Energy Tax Credit

Let’s talk a little bit about energy tax credits, something that many multifamily developers forget to follow through on.
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Start Your Own Property management Firm – Ascent Makes It Easy

Have you thought of starting your own firm? You’ve probably gone down that path.

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