Property Employee Benefits for New Management Firm

So you want to start your own property management firm. You have an owner that’s willing to let you manage some properties, but you have some questions. Many questions relate to the property employees and how a small management startup company can provide benefits equal to the big national or regional third party managers.

That’s where Ascent comes in! We specialize in everything relating to employees. We’ve learned how to do HR efficiently. We can help you hire great employees, comply with HR laws, deal with employee issues, secure affordable workman’s compensation insurance, process your payroll, provide payroll tax reports, and pay the taxes.

With your employees as a part of the Ascent Multifamiliy Benefit Program, you’ll enjoy the economies of scale only available at large companies. The Affordable Care Act has brought complex changes that can affect your management company and its employees. Together we can offer the properties’ employees the following options: top carriers that they know and trust, health insurance, dental, vision, disability, 401 K plans, and other benefits.

Our flexible benefit plans allow your employees to pay for health insurance and dental plans with pre-tax dollars. A quality employee benefits offering is an important resource in attracting and keeping valued employees. We offer a full complement of solutions that can fit your budget.

If you are serious about starting your own firm and would like information about how Ascent Multifamily Accounting can make it easy for you, complete the form below or call us. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have. Starting your own firm can be very rewarding. Don’t let the back office hold you back!

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Ascent points out opportunities that help us drive more revenue even when we think we’ve maxed out a property’s potential. Their knowledge of the multifamily business is exceptional and they make us look good to our owners.

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