Hey, Property Management Executive, Considering Starting Your Own Firm?

Do you have years of experience?  Looking for more control of your schedule and activities?

Consider developing your plan to your create your own firm today!

Ascent Multifamily Accounting has the tools and resources to help you start our own firm quickly and efficiently.  We have many resources on our website including, below, videos, case studies, blog posts, etc. Please take a look around.

When you fill out the form, I will send you whitepapers, videos, and case studies to show you how we’ve been successful other experienced multifamily management professionals.  I’d be happy to discuss your opportunity with you if you would like.  We’re here to help.

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To the right is a table with three case studies that show the monthly net income for professionals in different states.

Consider the entrepreneur in Texas that started with three properties.  She found an owner with 780 units that would let her charge a three percent management fee.  After our fees of $4,100 per month, she generates a gross margin of more than $25,000 per month.

We have several clients in the Los Angeles area with smaller properties.  This example shows a new firm with 12 properties that have healthy rents averaging about $2,600 per unit.  The management fee at four percent is $56,000 monthly and our accounting and payroll fees are about $7,000 per month.  The gross margin is $49,000 per month.


“I started my multifamily management company in early 2017, most recently having worked for a large firm where I had responsibility for more than 14,000 units.  I never thought I would have the opportunity to form a management company, largely due to the overhead expense of corporate payroll to sustain standard functions.  After reviewing third-party management options, I had an “aha” moment and realized I could outsource many back-office departments to minimize overall operating expenses.  

After researching accounting firm options,  I turned to Ascent because of their specific accounting expertise in the multifamily industry.  Initially, I transitioned only our accounting to Ascent, but then several months later made the determination to utilize their human resource and payroll services as well.  Prior to Ascent, I outsourced our payroll services to a national brand name payroll company.  The company was too large and I had multiple points of contact.  Ascent’s human resources and payroll function has just one point of contact for our firm, and they have been very helpful and efficient.

I highly recommend Ascent Multifamily Accounting.  I trust them and they have proven to be reliable, diligent and true to their word.  Outsourcing to Ascent has simplified our processes, allowed us to focus on managing our assets, and provided us the opportunity to maintain reasonable corporate expenses.”

Michaela Daniel Smith, Founder and President, Upland Residential


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