Have you thought of starting your own firm? You’ve probably gone down that path. You realized you didn’t like working where you’re at, you probably have some ideas you’d like to implement; but as you started going down that path, you’ve thought about,

“I’ve got to hire someone to do the accounting and the financial reporting. I’ve got to find a payroll package that I can use, to be able to service the properties employees. This might be too much of a headache.”

Fortunately, that’s a problem we can solve at Ascent Multifamily Accounting. We’ve built infrastructure in place, just like the corporate office does at your major firm; whether Greystar, AMC, or multiple other firms. We have trained property accountants typically with many many years of experience, some of which have more than 15 years experience in multifamily accounting.

We’re experts in all the major software programs from RealPage, Yardi, Entrata, and Resman. We also have set up payroll systems, so we can offer benefits to your property employees. We can handle the registration and enrollment of employees in those insurance plans. We handle the first call if there are some issues at the property that are employee related.

We make it easy for you. We also know how to do the financial reporting and we’re never late. If your goal is to get the reports done by the 15th, they’re done by the 15th.

If you have any questions or would like to learn how this might benefit you in starting your own firm, please call us at Ascent Multifamily Accounting or click the link below. Thank you very much.