Competing for Talent – Benefits Packages Can Be Key Differentiator

As a real estate owner or manager in a major market, the competition you face for qualified talent is fierce. We recently met with two multifamily firms that both felt finding capable employees in Southern California was a major challenge in their businesses.

How can you make a significant improvement to your benefits package without affecting your bottom line?

To manage this tug of war, many real estate owners and managers have turned to outsourcing for a competitive edge and reduced costs.  Outsourcing provides multifamily owners with the resources to operate in a better, faster and cheaper environment.

One of our clients spent $130 more PER EMPLOYEE PER MONTH compared to using our services for health insurance.  This client has 18 properties in four states with more than 100 employees. The savings from using our services are significant—more than $13,000 per month and $156,000 per year in health insurance alone.

And that’s just one facet of outsourcing.  At Ascent, we also show our clients how to save on property taxes, HUD audits and many other types of property expenses.

Bill Jo Suiter of Diamond Realty in Tennessee has this to say about outsourcing with Ascent:

“Being able to utilize these “large-company” benefits as a small company such as ours has been beneficial in more ways than one. The HR and accounting services gave us the ability to focus on our assets with a strong confidence that our finances were being tracked and controlled effectively. The ability to track employees, control spending, and provide detailed accurate monthly financials to our owner for the minimal cost is a great value.”

The Affordable Care Act has brought sweeping changes that can affect your management company and its employees. Together we can offer the properties employees the following options from top carriers they know and trust:

  • Health insurance – PPO and Point of Service plans
  • Multiple Dental plans
  • Vision plans
  • Disability insurance
  • Additional life insurance
  • 401(k) plans
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Other voluntary benefit plans

Our flexible benefit plans also allow employees to pay for health insurance and dental plans with pretax dollars.

A quality employee benefits package is important for attracting and keeping valued employees. We offer a full complement of solutions that can fit your budget.

Why is the trend of outsourced accounting gaining so much steam in the multifamily industry? It provides managers and owners with more cash, better information and freedom to manage and grow your properties.

Our multifamily clients have saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions, using our outsourced accounting services.  Here are some case studies for your reference.

To access our free white paper entitled, “Is Outsourcing Right for You?” click here for the free download.  We look forward to helping you provide better service to your clients in a more cost-effective way.