Case Study – Fee Manager with 18 Properties

I was speaking with the Owner/CEO of the third party management firm who outsourced his back office with Ascent Multifamily in March 2016. At the time that he began outsourcing with us, he had 18 properties and 4,600 units. (Today he has more than 6,000 units.) He called me to tell me that he appreciated how things were going.

Specifically, this owner/CEO shared two important things. The first was about our Human Resources services, especially as it related to hiring. “Your pre-employment services are amazing,” he said. “Ascent does so much more than we would and it cuts our turnover dramatically.” Some of the pre-employment services that Ascent Multifamily provides are:

  • Employee recruitment
  • Reference checks
  • Drug screening
  • Criminal background checks
  • Custom employee handbooks
  • Employee orientation
  • Complete the new hire kits (Federal & State W-4, I-9)

He said “the quality of the people is so much better than we used to have and I don’t have to go through the effort to screen as well as Ascent does, all for the same fee.”

The second thing he shared was financial. He was surprised at how much money he was saving. He said, “When I went into the relationship with Ascent, I thought it would give me more time to prospect and grow my business and I thought I would save some money. After reviewing my financials for the first seven months of the year, we are saving more than $30,000 per month. I expect that by year-end, our increased profit will be more than $400,000.”