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Having a trusted expert in your corner can be the driving force behind successful multifamily operations. Stellar Residential, an Arizona-based multifamily property management company with more than 50 years of collective experience, sought out an industry partner within the first few days of its foundation.  

After establishing Stellar Residential in 2018, one of the first decisions partners Ben Carter, Dale Philipps and Tanner Bickelhaup made was securing a partnership with Ascent Multifamily Accounting. Now entering its sixth year of working together, Stellar has relied on Ascent’s outsourced accounting services to stay ahead in the competitive real estate industry.  

Experienced partners can help businesses, especially new businesses, optimize its essential operations and hit the ground running. Through outsourcing its accounting functions, Stellar streamlined financial management and reduced overhead costs, enhancing its market agility.  

"Ascent's flexible cost structure adapts to our changing unit numbers, easing the burdens of staffing fluctuations in response to business needs,” said Ben, chief financial officer at Stellar Residential. “And thanks to Ascent, we can focus our efforts where they’re needed most. Their support has freed up my time significantly.”

Outsourcing has supported Stellar’s evolution from a simple property management company into a full-service real estate enterprise. Stellar’s leadership has successfully set the firm apart in the industry by focusing on quality and efficiency, particularly in the multifamily sector.

"One of my favorite things about Ascent is that in the entire time we’ve worked together; we’ve never had turnover. Cathy has always been the Corporate Controller and that continuity is something I appreciate, breeding a high level of trust,” Ben said. “The better we work together, the quicker we can work. It's not just me giving direction, we collaborate and work on processes."

As the firm has seen substantial success with Ascent’s outsourced accounting operations, it is now looking to move more back-office functions to Ascent. Citing the significant ease and effectiveness they've already introduced to Stellar’s workflow, it expects a similar outcome with Ascent’s expertise for human resources and payroll.

In addition to accounting, Ascent focuses on assisting businesses in achieving their goals by simplifying back-office operations and management, allowing entrepreneurs to concentrate on growth and development.  

Tailored to each client, its services offer a complete multifamily accounting solution, especially emerging property owners and managers navigating a rapidly evolving industry.  

For more details on outsourcing back-office functions and scaling operations with Ascent's assistance, contact Mike at 702-467-0789 or

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