Ascent Forms Partnership with Updater

Ascent Multifamily Accounting has formed a partnership with Updater, an integrated platform for move-in and property related services. The partnership offers Ascent’s clients up to a 33 percent discount for their residents to use the hugely popular move-in concierge service. Typical fees are $99 to $299 per year per property.

“Updater is a great tool for property owners and managers to brand and customize the moving experience for their clients and residents,” said Mike Ballard, a partner in Ascent Multifamily Accounting. “Updater allows property managers to enhance their branding after the initial lease signing and before move-in to deliver a great tenant experience.”

Updater’s move-in concierge service allows property managers to provide one app that will handle all of their move-in needs, including:

  • Update their address with the post office
  • Connect with the appropriate utility companies, open accounts, and schedule start dates
  • See real-time pricing and reviews for moving companies, and book them in the app
  • Send branded digital announcements of their move to family and friends
  • Send change of address info to up to 15,000 online subscription and account-based sites

Updater also allows tenants to manage their rent payments and schedule service requests.

Watch the Updater Video:

Effectively streamlining the entire moving process, Updater gives property managers an additional selling point by incorporating the technology into the lifestyle experience at their properties.

This platform, currently utilized by many of the country’s larger properties, is a valuable marketing and sales tool when working with prospective residents that are choosing between multiple properties.

“The technology, which wasn’t available even a few years ago, is only available to real estate and property management firms,” said Ballard. “It is a highly desirable feature that provides increased client satisfaction without requiring any additional staff time for on-site managers.”

We believe Updater is reinventing the moving experience for residents and are thrilled to offer it to our clients. For a demonstration and discussion on the benefits of Updater for your properties, call me at 702-467- 0789 or watch this 5-minute video on Updater.