About Ascent Multifamily Accounting


Ascent Multifamily Accounting is a full service outsourcing firm that focuses exclusively on the apartment industry.  We are fully versed in all aspects of the most popular property management systems, including RealPage, Yardi, Resman and Entrata among others.

Ascent is staffed with CPAs and experienced property accountants. We offer every client a Controller/Senior Accountant with whom they interface. Ascent Multifamily Accounting is the largest outsourced provider of Accounting Services in the multifamily industry.

Benefits of Outsourced Accounting

Many companies outsource a business process. The efficiencies of the outsourced relationship can be significant. If you already outsource your payroll process, you are familiar with some of the general benefits of outsourcing. Outsourced accounting has similar benefits and many others:


Free your time to work on your properties while we handle the accounting for you. No more employee hassles or issues with which to deal. We provide you access to your accounting records from anywhere in the world at any time.

Better Information in Real Time

We know multifamily.  We know what needs to be done daily, weekly and monthly to get you the information you need. Your accounting is processed as transactions come in. We work on the same data at the same time ensuring it is current and live. This puts actionable, current data at your fingertips at all times.

Cut Costs

It’s expensive to hire, train, and maintain an accounting department.  Organizations evaluating an outsourcing decision are often driven by one factor: lowering costs. And understandably so … for most organizations, outsourcing offers a clear financial advantage.  Our clients often experience a 10 to 50 percent reduction in ongoing costs.

shutterstock_295275620_424Buying Power

Our buying power allows us to secure very competitive property insurance and payroll processing costs. Ascent Multifamily Accounting offers economies of scale by packaging insurance products, such as health insurance, voluntary benefits and workers’ compensation — all under an umbrella policy. This results in increased buying power and lower insurance premiums and payroll costs.


As you acquire or sell properties, Ascent Multifamily Accounting gives you flexibility. Our service is 100 percent scalable. With Ascent Multifamily Accounting on your team, you will never be overstaffed or understaffed.

Enhance Business Continuity

Valuable knowledge walks out the door when key accounting personnel leave your company. Outsourced accounting eliminates the risk of knowledge loss and enhances business continuity.


Your accounting data is stored on secured servers in the cloud, protected against physical data loss. This enhances business continuity and disaster recovery.