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Preparing to Improve your Budget Process

It is mid-May and in four months you should begin budget planning for 2018.  Okay, I am starting this way too early but if you want to make a big improvement in how your company implements budgeting, you’ll need to start laying a good foundation now. Have you been getting the value out of your […]

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Property Manager: Time To Start Your Own Firm?

A few weeks ago, we sent an email with tips on how outsourced accounting can help VPs and regional managers within larger management firms start their own companies. We must have hit a nerve. We received dozens of responses from all over the country.  It appears to us that the big firms keep getting bigger…but […]

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Scott w group Mt Rainier

A View From The Top: What I Learned from 14,000 Feet

Last summer, I was invited to climb Mount Rainier by Ben Zimmer, CEO of Entrata, a fast growing property management software maker. Mount Rainier is the third most prominent mountain peak in the United States. With a summit of 14,410 feet, Mount Rainier is not only an active volcano, but it is also the most glaciated peak in […]

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Black Friday, Amazon and What Multifamily Owners Can Learn

On Black Friday, more than 103 million Americans went online to buy, outnumbering in-store shoppers for the first time according to the National Retail Federation. Amazon accounted for more than 30 percent of spending on Black Friday through “Cyber Monday.” In yet another sign of how incredibly powerful Amazon has become, particularly around this time of […]

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Peyton Manning on Leadership

Last month, I had the privilege of meeting with Peyton Manning and then hearing him speak at the Entrata Summit, a multifamily conference in Park City. Five-time MVP and the only quarterback in NFL history to win a Super Bowl with two different teams. A two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback and one of America’s favorite athletes […]

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It’s All About Speed and Execution

In recent years, a series of broad economic and technological changes has dramatically shifted the competitive landscape for real estate companies and increased the speed of business.  Multifamily executives are regularly asking themselves: Why do I feel bogged down with so many processes? Is my firm nimble enough? Am I paying too much for the management […]

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