U.S. Multifamily Market Report Released

The inaugural Rental Ranking Report from All Property Management features insights into the attractiveness of real estate investment in 75 major U.S. metropolitan areas, over all four quarters of 2015. The higher a metropolitan area’s ranking, the better ROI for rental housing within it. The report includes a breakdown of regional performance trends and a look […]

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It’s All About Speed and Execution

In recent years, a series of broad economic and technological changes has dramatically shifted the competitive landscape for real estate companies and increased the speed of business.  Multifamily executives are regularly asking themselves: Why do I feel bogged down with so many processes? Is my firm nimble enough? Am I paying too much for the management […]

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The History of the Internet

By Scott Seegmiller I was co-founder of a Property Management company 25 years ago. We were leading edge back then, running 110 properties on a Single User DOS-based system. Our internet? Mail a 3.5-inch floppy disk to the corporate office. It worked, we developed processes and procedures surrounding the systems and we made it very […]

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