ULI New Geography of Urban Neighborhoods

Urban Population Reaches Parity with the Suburbs

New research from the Urban Land Institute shows that the population of urban neighborhoods in many metropolitan areas is growing as quickly or nearly as quickly as that of suburban neighborhoods, reflecting ongoing consumer demand – particularly among younger households — for living environments that are convenient to jobs, transit, and urban amenities, and which are highly […]

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HBR Learning From Mistakes

What We Can Learn from Solo, The First Star Wars Failure

For science fiction movie fans, Star Wars is a franchise that seemed like it could never fail. But Solo: A Star Wars Story has shown that the historic franchise can produce a flop, and provides several lessons that developers and apartment owners can learn from. Solo: A Star Wars Story has “only” garnered $210 million at the domestic box […]

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Vegas Golden Knights

Ascent Loves Our Vegas Golden Knights

More than a year ago, our hockey team didn’t exist.   There were no players under contract but the team’s leadership had a plan. Apparently what’s supposed to happen for any professional expansion team is that it takes years to groom talent. Years of miserable seasons as established teams of veterans run roughshod over them. […]

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Rent Control Apartments.jpg

New Research on Rent Control Confirms Negative Impacts

Rent control policies are laws that limit or cap rents and are usually implemented for the purpose of improving housing affordability.  Like many other instances where government leaders try to manipulate economic principles, these laws do just the opposite.  The National Multihousing Council (NMHC) just published an in-depth review of academic research on the issue […]

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What McDonald’s Teaches Us About A Smooth-Running Operation

I recently watched the movie The Founder on Netflix, starring Michael Keaton.  The Founder is a compelling story about American inspiration, ambition and greed. Love it or hate it, McDonald’s is one of America’s most recognized brand names and greatest success stories. Its success is partly because of its ability to streamline its operations and give […]

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