Why Ascent?


Ascent Multifamily Accounting Services provides apartment owners and management companies with an attractive alternative to in-house accounting. Ascent Multifamily Accounting provides professional accounting services to owner-managed and third-party management companies to support their operations. Ascent Multifamily Accounting clients outsource the back office accounting to save the cost of personnel, office space, accounting supervision, and training/turnover. We’re uniquely positioned to create a cost-effective, reliable accounting infrastructure through the following:

  • Deep skills and experience—We’ve been involved in this pursuit for more than 25 years.
  • Industrialized approach to service delivery—We apply proven tools, methods and processes to ensure that our work is carried out consistently with less risk.
  • Vendor independence—We have strong and longstanding relationships with a number of multifamily systems providers who work with us to deliver market-leading solutions that best meet our clients’ needs.
  • Business focus—We work closely with our real estate clients to deliver accounting and human resources services that align with their unique business objectives, boost agility and foster an environment of innovation and continuous improvement.