Have you been thinking of starting your own management firm but become overwhelmed at the notion of managing things like accounts payable, payroll, benefits, office space and financial reporting?

We can help.

If property management is your calling and you’ve dreamed about breaking away to start your own, an outsourced accounting firm like Ascent Multifamily Accounting can be a perfect partner for your new venture. We’ll handle the business side to let you focus on what you do best-managing properties.

Starting your own firm with just a few properties could increase your income substantially . . . and give you more freedom and opportunity.

How would it work?

You get the clients and work with the on-site teams.

Your outsourced accounting team will pay the bills, handle payroll & benefits and the financial reporting.

There would also be no need to rent office space or hire any back office staff. Your home office is all you need.

Ascent’s Role

Ascent Multifamily Accounting does everything the traditional in-house accounting department would do. With Ascent, each property’s accounting will be managed by CPAs and accountants with an average of 12 years’ experience in property management accounting.

Ascent manages the payables process, pays bills weekly, assists with budgets, handles payroll and HR issues, provides technical support on the software, prepares monthly financial reports, reconciles bank and mortgage accounts, controls the accounting for resident refunds and cuts and mails all tenant refund checks and processes and mails all year end tax documents (W-2s and 1099s).

We’re experts in the major multifamily software platforms (RealPage, Yardi, Entrata, ResMan, etc.) and can show you and your properties’ on-site staff how to get the most from the systems.

Our Human Resources team has great benefits packages due to our large-scale buying power and can provide the health insurance for the property staff anywhere in the country.

We are working with senior property management executives all over the country and helping them consider this option.

Case Study

Michelle is starting her own property management firm after working more than 15 years for a major national firm. As a vice president of property operations, she had been overseeing as many as 15,000 units.

She felt she could start a small management firm and have more control over her schedule. She found an owner that wanted to partner with her that had eight properties and more than 1,400 units.

With a three percent management fee, the joint venture’s net income from this portfolio is approximately $58,000 per month. Her outsourced accounting fees (accounting and payroll) would be about $11,500 per month. After her salary and benefits of $15,000 per month, the partnership nets more than $31,000 per month and has significant freedom for her business and her family.

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